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Open doors event

Open doors event was held on January 21st. 9th graders had their own tasks, some as guides, instructors and on some lessons students were helping as teachers' assistants. During morning hours a large part of visitors were either the parents of the school's students or their friends.

In the main building we had a discussion with one child's mother.

How old is your daughter?
– 3 years old.

Is she going to attend this school?
– Possibly yes, his older brother is already going to this school.

What grade is he in?
– In 4th grade.

Where did you hear about this school?
– At first? I don't remember anymore... At that time we lived in Helsinki and we were moving to Lappeenranta. My friend's kid was in this school, and I was looking for a school for my son.

Why this school and not Kesämäen koulu?
– The English one?

Yeah, for example.
– I think this one is better, because you learn English everywhere and I think it's valuable to know lots of different languages.

Thank you.
– You're welcome.

At forenoon exercise trail had had more 9th graders using it than kids that it was meant for. 2 kids had visited the track. A couple of 9th graders were colouring colouring pictures that were also meant for the kids. Still, the most important question remained; where were the candies meant for the children?

I asked a couple of questions from one 9th grader who was eeping an eye on the trick track.

Have there been a lot of people here?
– More than last year. Maybe three or four kids while I've been around. There were more visitors in the morning.

What is your opinion on this unusual school day?
– I prefer this to having normal lessons.

What do you think of the length of this school day?
– It's short enough for a Saturday.

The day went well and everyone left happily back home to spend their weekend in a beautiful, springlike weather.

Text and picture: Tuuli and Veera, 9th grade

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